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Iron Roofing and Guttering


Is your roof looking a bit “Weathered”?



Give Pettim a call Today, and get your tired old roof freshened up. Have your roof & gutters replaced by Real Tradesmen, working with Real licenses, offering Real Prices, using only Genuine Quality Blue Scope Steel Products, in your choice of Colorbond® or Zincalume® finish.



If your roof line is not straight or you have discovered that L.T.D. is not just a brand of car …,


then Pettim will legally fix your roof.  You can have peace of mind that your new roof won’t come back to haunt you when you go to sell your home. Pettim will provide you with all the documents that solicitors require such as a “Compliance Certificate” (P.I.C) with each job, because we only use Licensed and Insured Tradesmen. 



Asbestos Removal

Remove your dangerous and unhealthy Asbestos Roof NOW! Asbestos removal and disposal regulations are getting tighter and tighter as more people become victims.  With fewer land fills accepting this toxic waste, delaying its removal may cost you more than just extra money.



Pettim can offer you a full and extensive range of Roof Sheeting and Guttering profiles.  We specialize in new roofing or re-roofing, and gutter replacements, and your only concern should be what colour I should choose.








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