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3D Modelling Service

Are you like most people, and don’t fully understand “Architectural drawings”? 

Pettim can set your mind at ease by helping you to better understand what the finished product will look like.  By taking advantage of our, “Professional” Photo-Realistic, 3D Modelling Service, permit times can be sped up, design interpretation disputes avoided, legal disputes resolved faster and costly  “Architectural” re-drawings will go the way of the dinosaurs.

View from any angle
Step Inside and look around
Take a photo of your new home before it is built

Walk though your new home or extension before committing to building contracts.  Choose from simple to more complex, or even animated, models to help enhance your senses, giving you True Vision of your ideas with a detailed photo-realistic model in a 3D format.  This will enable you to view your construction from all the angles, right down to including where your decor might go.  Shadow drawings  can also be animated to se how your project wil impact on others.   

Click here to see short videos.

This highly valuable service will pay for itself in many different ways, and can be supplied to you for home viewing in CD format. DVD presentations of walk throughs and plan views can also be provided. 


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